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 Decrease font is an active participant in the Co-op Student Placement program at Collingwood Collegiate Institute. Co-op students assist us with Event and Activity administration, photography and writing articles. We are very pleased to welcome our newest member to the team Jackie Taylor.

Hello everyone! My name is Jackie and I’m currently in grade 12 attending Collingwood Collegiate. My co-op class placed me with and it’s a perfect fit! In school the classes I enjoy the most are Drama, English, and Psychology. I am a typical 18 year-old girl, I love music, movies, books, shopping and hanging out with my friends and family. I moved to Collingwood when I was just 6 years old and loved it the moment I set foot here. I had never seen Collingwood before but as soon as I got here I felt right at home, everyone welcomed my family with open arms.

The winter is my favourite time of year because that means....SKI SEASON! I try to get up to the mountain every chance I get, and although I’ve tried snowboarding my heart, and my talent, belongs to skiing. I live in downtown Collingwood with my mom, dad and three dogs; Stella, Scout and Pheobe. I have two older sisters, one who lives in town and works up at the mountain, and the other who is currently residing in Australia. My sister in Australia is going to teachers college and I couldn’t be more proud of her! She is my best friend so sometimes it’s hard to know she’s so far away but I know she’s having loads of fun, and that always makes me happy.

My family is such a great support system they allow me to try new things and give me the encouragement to pursue my dreams. I am very interested in writing, and communicating to people through the media. I hope to one day own my own business in the downtown Collingwood area. Like many 18 year olds I have many hopes and dreams that I would love to all come true one day. For now I am going to continue to work hard, explore new things, and live life to it’s fullest! I would like to thank Julie Card for allowing me to be a part of the team at, I can’t wait to continue the rest of the semester.


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