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Power Up Your Immune System! (Posted On: Wednesday, October 18, 2006)

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The arrival of autumn often brings with it lifestyle changes that tend to threaten the healthy living that summer creates. The cooler weather brings more time spent indoors, and less fresh air and physical activity. Coupled with a return to structure and routines, especially when juggling the lives of many family members in a household, it’s easy to fall into bad habits and let one’s health temporarily take a back seat. Many people fall into ‘survival mode’, which stresses your body, and ultimately fosters a compromised immune system.

Your Body’s Defense

Your immune system is the part of your body that defends your cells against foreign invading mircoorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, and strives to get you well again when you do fall ill. Comprised of your lymph nodes, glands, tonsils, spleen, thymus, and billions of white blood cells, it’s a fascinating, wide spread system that extends into virtually every cell in your body. The amazing thing is, your immune system works quite well on its own every day, fighting off multitudes of microorganisms attempting to invade you without your conscious awareness it is doing so. Have you ever noticed that when one person in your office or family gets sick, everyone else doesn’t always follow? Sure the same bugs may get passed around, but they can’t set up camp in a healthy body. Viruses and microbes don't threaten us all equally because a healthy immune system easily repels most invaders. Your immune system doesn’t need boosting as much as it simply needs the chance to function the way it was designed to.

What powers your immune system?

Your brain and spinal cord, collectively called your nervous system. The nervous system is the master controlling force in your body. Consider this: while the body can go weeks without food, days without water, and ever a few minutes without air, it cannot survive even a second without nerve supply. This is because the nerve supply is the literal life and power supply.

How can you give your body the best chance this fall and winter?

Consider how your body’s structure impacts functions. Most people are familiar with Chiropractic care and its effects on the musculoskeletal system, but the benefits of a healthy spine extend into your whole being. Spinal misalignments and abnormalities called vertebral subluxations cause interference to the nervous system. Since your nervous system controls all functions in the body - including your immune system - these subluxations weaken your body’s ability to function properly. Chiropractors apply spinal adjustments to correct disturbances in nerve function, ensuring your body can operate the way it was designed to. In this way chiropractic care can have a positive effect on immune function.
Although Chiropractors frequently hear from their patients how much more resilient they seem to be to colds and flus, research continues to validate this notion. Studies have shown increased numbers of white blood cells, and greater activity of those cells, in people receiving regular chiropractic care compared to non-chiropractic patients.

A Whole-Body Approach to Health

Chiropractors align the spine and remove interference so that the power of your nervous system can regain control of your body. They also align your lifestyle so that how you live is more in-line with producing health. The importance of other positive health life style practices such as rest, drinking ample quantities of water, exercise, proper food choices, and stress reduction approaches cannot be overlooked in their contribution to keeping you healthy this season. By finding a Doctor of Chiropractic who is trained in the full correction and stabilization of the spine and nervous system, you not only remove pain, you restore the full communication between the brain and immune system. Your body will get in shape for the upcoming winter activities, and you’ll have a better chance of not missing any great weather because you’re under the weather.

Get Your Power Turned On!

Collingwood is home to an excellent array of Doctors of Chiropractic. Find one who will meet your needs and work with you toward your health goals, and book a spinal check-up. Whether you are sick and trying to get well, or well and trying to stay that way, make chiropractic care part of your health routine and enjoy the many benefits it will offer you and your family.

Submitted by: Melissa Vecchio, DC, FICPA

Melissa Vecchio, DC is a Chiropractor, writer, and professional speaker practicing in Collingwood, Ontario. She is also the co-founder of the Holistic Living Network, a resource and social network for individuals interested in natural living. To contact her see


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