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How Secure Are You (Posted On: Tuesday, December 02, 2014)

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Going on holidays this winter? Make sure that you're properly covered and protected before you do and we're not just talking about wearing sunblock. We've all heard horror stories about what can happen when you leave your home, business, or vacation home unattended or insecure. From burglaries to water pipes bursting, from fires to gas leaks, there are certain precautions we can take to have ease of mind. With winter upon us, many of us are leaving or changing our routines, which makes it the perfect time to make sure that you are properly covered and protected for your own safety and security.

Even if you are not planning a holiday for any time soon, looking after the safety and security of yourself and your asset's should be high up on your priorities. With sensors to detect fire, carbon monoxide or intruders, or even to have an emergency dispatch team arrive through just the touch of a button will provide you with peace of mind. Plus, there are advantages through your insurance company when combined with a monitoring service that you might not be aware of.

If you haven't yet thought about how to increase the security of your assets, this article may assist you with understanding the scope of the security that we, at Real Canadian Security, are able to provide.  With the new technology we have now at our disposal, it is possible to not only have security to prevent or recover from a burglary, but to have an assurance that your business, estate, home are safe from possible water damage, system failures, fire or carbon monoxide leaks, and will even keep you in touch with local emergency services in the case of a medical or personal emergency.  Many overlook these important aspects, or are unaware of the services that a proper security provider can offer.

Insurance companies, knowing of what monitoring can provide, apply an insurance discount (risk deduction) for home or business owners that have security/safety equipment installed. They require 24 hour monitoring to cover damages associated with things that could have been prevented or stopped before the damage became too widespread.

With colder weather now here, freezing pipes and failing sump pumps could lead to extensive water damage in your home. Security monitoring is able to monitor whether or not your sump pump has failed while you were away through a simple water detector, or a heat sensor to determine if your home or business is in danger of freezing. Hours of inconvenience and thousands of dollars worth in damage can be saved through a well thought-out security system.

Quoting standardized insurance policies regarding water damage, Insurance companies will

"cover damage caused by water [  ], but [they] do not insure loss or damage caused by freezing during the usual heating season, of any part of a plumbing, heating, or air conditioning system or 'domestic water container' within a heated portion of your dwelling if you have been away for more than four (4) consecutive days. [  ]

However you would still be insured if you: [1.] have arranged for a competent person to enter your dwelling each day you were away to ensure the heating was being maintained; or [2.] shut off the water supply and had drained all the pipes and 'domestic water containers'; or [3.] if your heating system is connected to a monitored heating alarm to a station providing twenty-four (24) hour service [  ]".

The first two options are not entirely practical if you are an occasional resident in the area, but the third option is a sure way to know that everything is working and is secure while you are away.

As another area that can leave severe damage to your assets, fire can be prevented while you are at home through the use of normal fire detectors, but a security monitoring system will also alert you when you are out of your home so that you are aware if, and when, a fire detector goes off. It gives you time so that you can take proper measures to make sure that your memories and assets are protected.  Often installed in tandem with a fire detector, a carbon monoxide detector will keep you safe while you are asleep, alerting you if the carbon monoxide level becomes high enough to be detected.

In recent years the 3D printer has become available to the public. Since, there has been a noted incline in burglaries using easy-to-find plans for a 3D printed bump key or lock picks to easily and quietly enter a home or a business.  With key-pad access control, you can be sure that your home stays locked once you lock it, and only opens to those who know the code, or have a key fob to enter. With separate access codes and key fobs you will know who enters and exits and when.

Security doesn't have to be limited to the protection of your assets or alerts to danger though. With medical emergency monitoring, you can send for an ambulance with the touch of a button on a wireless wristband or with the press of a button on a localized keypad. This is especially convenient for those living with some sort of disability or are living alone.

In discussing just a small selection of monitoring options we carry and install, you are now aware of what can be done to improve the safety and security of your home or business. All of our devices link to a control panel that has wireless capabilities. This means that you can be instantly notified via e-mail and SMS messaging, or by checking your phone app or web access alerts. This makes it infinitely easier and more convenient than ever to monitor your home or business. Depending on what your security and safety needs are, the notifications that the system sends out can be delivered per event,  limited to just the major events, or any requirement in-between.

If you would like to receive more information, or have any questions, please contact Real Canadian Security (RCS) and we will gladly go through your options with you.

At RCS, we pride ourselves on our high quality products that have been ethically and sustainably sourced. Many of our products have been made in North America or in Europe to ensure that the level of craftsmanship is to our business standards. As a certified Bosch dealer, RCS only uses products that use high levels of quality control to allow for long-lasting, trouble free functionality.

We may be new to this area, but our industry knowledge allows us to make accurate quotes that we can stand behind. We guarantee that the quote given at the beginning of the project will not be exceeded, unless there are changes that have been integrated by the request of the customer.

We are known for our fast and efficient installations to minimize the inconvenience and downtime expected, and we often work hand-in-hand with your building contractors to provide a seamless integration with your custom build, or renovation. If you're interested in integrating a security system into your existing home, we have non-invasive installation options available.

Our goal is to make you happy with your decision to incorporate safety and security features into your home, and warrant that you will be satisfied with our high-quality customer service.

Real Canadian Security provides FREE consultations and quotes to determine what would be most effective for your space. We also service existing systems within the Georgian Triangle.

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Real Canadian Security
Collingwood, ON
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