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Gymnastics Club (Posted On: Friday, January 30, 2009)

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The children of Collingwood are doing back flips over the new “Children’s Gym“ in town located across from Canadian Tire in Collingwood. Stacey Doyon, the founder and owner of the Collingwood Gymnastics Club is having the time of her life. She feels so lucky to be surrounded by such an incredible team of women and by so many of the children from our community.

“I am so proud of all the children that have participated in our program to date as I have watched many of them conquer fears, set goals and attain those goals. The empowerment and the self confidence that they have found in the gym is an amazing process to watch.“

Stacey is no stranger to the world of sports. Stacey has worked on 4 Olympic Games, Pan American and

a Commonwealth Game and she competed in gymnastics at the national level. Upon her retirement as a gymnast she dove into coaching at the young age of 13. She took her passion and turned coaching into her after school job for 6 years.

Growing up her mother Valerie Maslin founded a gymnastics club in Montreal, judged gymnastics at the international level for over 25 years and her father Barry Nye was President of Commonwealth Game Federation. Both parents were very much involved with the 1976 Olympics and 1978 Commonwealth Games. Stacey is married to Dustin Doyon, Head Golf Pro at Osler Brook Golf Club.

Stacey feels at home being back in the gym where she started (she often jokes that it feels like she was born on a crash pad) and hopes that she can enable the gymnasts of Collingwood to create their own fond gymnastic memories - from attending programs, having their Birthday parties there and then eventually attending the upcoming Coach In Training program which will be implemented and launched this summer.

“I do giggle and get great joy out of what I am doing every day. I love watching children grow and find out who they are and what they are made of.”

The programming starts with babies, as young as 6 weeks old and goes all the way to 14 years old.

"I invite all mothers to attend our Open House scheduled for February 6th, 2009 where we will be showcasing three of our programs, two are new to our club." The Open House is free, will start at 9am with Gym Crawlers (12 months to 18 months), 10am with Baby Crawlers (6 weeks to 11 months) and 11am with Parents and Tots. Each program lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

The Collingwood Gymnastics Club has put together some dynamite camp programs for March Break. These programs are geared towards children 5 years and older. Please visit the website for details regarding schedule of activities and pricing.

The club has been open since November 3rd, 2008, a mere 10 weeks, but one could not tell. The staff all have a minimum of their Level 1 teaching certificate for gymnastics, and most of them have spent a good portion of their childhood either in gymnastics or in the world of sports. For the summer Collingwood Gymnastics Club will be implementing the Coach in Training certification program for the teenagers of the community.

Even though Stacey seems to be having a great time on the gymnastics floor, hard work is being done in the background to ensure that the quality and the growth of new programming is being offered. And by the happy, giggling children I saw attending the Gymnastics with a Twist program this past Wednesday I would say that Stacey is not the only one having fun on that bright purple floor.

For more information about the Collingwood Gymnastics Club, please visit their website.


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