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Great Start with Good Energy (Posted On: Monday, March 30, 2009)

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I’ve bitten the bullet and set a big goal for myself.  It’s been on my mind for some time now and I made the commitment to take the steps to get in shape and loose 60 lbs.  The idea has been on the forefront of my thinking lately, and meeting the right person just made it click.  Meeting Sarah from Good Energy was the right place for me to start. Sarah and I decided that it would be fun, inspiring and also hold me accountable for the commitment, to share the progress on

We’re at the end of Week 1 and I have learned a lot in the process. Most importantly, Week 1 has been a huge success. I have lost 5 lbs, 2 inches off my bust, one inch off my waist and ½ an inch off my hips.  I know that the easiest pounds are the first ones to loose but this is huge motivation.

I’m just the average person so if I can do this so can you.  While I chronicle my journey with Good Energy I hope that I can inspire some of you and at the very least hope that you enjoy some of the anecdotes that I will bring your way. 

So moving right along, Sarah and I agreed that I would start this transformation as soon as I returned from my vacation in Italy.  Jumping in with both feet I was not sure what to expect.  Running around my house, I looked for my gym socks (none to be found…a clear indication that I had not done anything gym-like for some time…though I have distant memories of actually purchasing gym socks).  I settled for my bee socks that came with a Burt’s Bees set that I had purchased a few years ago.  Next came finding my running shoes.  When I eventually did find them, I noticed that they still looked brand spanking new.  My gym shoes are at least 5 years old and looking at the soles I found the treads to be completely perfect…another indication that it was time to get moving….literally.

That leads me to the subject of motivation.  What motivated me to start this transformation process?  Well, frankly, a number of things.  From looking back at photos of when I used to look smokin’ hot to feeling pain in my knees and hips lately, likely because of carrying excess weight around.  I am also quite tired of buying clothes with the word ‘stretch’ in the label. 

So I get to my first meeting with Sarah for the initial assessment.  I arrive at her cozy home based business and was immediately impressed that she has a full professional gym set up in just 2 rooms on the first floor of her house.   I am prepared for the caliper pinching stuff to measure fat.  Does not happen.  She has this amazing scale that tells her all sorts of very important information all about me.  The rest of the session is quite painless, some questions, some answers and some new exercises.

I’m learning so much information about nutritional eating habits and Sarah is there every step of the way.  I even bring in food and ask her to help me read the label.  Sarah Heipel is the owner of Good Energy Personal Training & Nutrition and she’s a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, plus a bundle of energy and really really nice.

Wish me luck and will power.

Julie Card


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