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Gabby’s Poem (Posted On: Tuesday, June 23, 2009)

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At the recent AGM for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Georgian Triangle, Little Sister Gabby wrote a poem to her Big Sister Amanda that was so touching, I asked for permission to share it on

Little Sister Gabby’s Poem to Big Sister Amanda

One night I knelt upon my knees and prayed to Heavens above

God please send me an Angel of my own, a soul that I can love

I have a Mom, three siblings too - whom I love so very much

Something still is missing though, a friend whose heart that I can touch

Without another word it seemed - just like that, before me she appeared

She said, “I was sent to be your Big Sister, and myself have much to learn”

With that our friendship began to bloom, and laughter could be heard

Exclusive attention was easily found, and LONELINESS, no longer a word

Blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk, skipping ropes and hopscotch

Walks along the sandy beach and quiet dinners  - you and me

Mugs filled of hot chocolate treats, after our go at to-bog-gan-ing.

The way you held the side boards as we tried out our old skates

Willing to play the fool, just for me to take the stage.

Your patience is outstanding, and you forever feed me hope

The impact you have on my life, will teach me how to cope

I witnessed a huge event in your life, as you said the words “I do”

You couldn’t have chosen a better husband so stick to him like glue

Some people still wonder why I need a BIG, when life’s already, packed so full

They don’t understand the gift that you offer, makes me feel most whole

I get good grades, am an old soul; I wear my manners like a lid

But when you came into my life – you brought the simplicity, of being a KID

So thank you Amanda for all that you do, and in granting me my wish

You’re very much appreciated, with love from Gabby, your little Sis.
By Gabriella Elizabeth Ekman, Grade 4


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