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Fresh news at Catch 22 (Posted On: Tuesday, June 22, 2010)

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Chef Bob Bickmore and his team have added some tasty fresh new items to their menu that are just fantastic. Some fabulous appetizers and combination plates that tantalize the taste buds and desserts that are innovative and decadent. 

Starting at the top of the list, you’ll find the Cypress Salad.  Crunchy fresh red peppers, tomato, cucumber, Calamata olives and feta cheese with an olive oil vinaigrette dusted with fragrant oregano.

Anyone looking to zero in on colourful veggies can find them all on the new Greens and Other Colours menu section.

The Appetizer menu has been kicked up a notch with the addition of Vegetarian Crispy Spring Rolls - a Crisp golden wrapper stuffed with assorted vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, and cilantro served over chilled chow mein noodle salad and drizzled with a spicy plum sauce.

The Freshly Baked Garlic Skillet Bread and The “All Together Now” - A Platter designed for sharing includes calamari, spring rolls, garlic bread with cheese, and stuffed crab backs all served with appropriate sauces and lemon are the perfect start to dinner with friends or family.

What you won’t find on the menu are the fresh oysters served with rock salt, fresh lemon and some zippy hot sauce.  You can dress these little suckers just the way you like them.  Fresh oysters are almost always available, but not always listed on the menu because the folks at Catch 22 are extremely picky when it comes to freshness and quality.

For those of you who can’t make up your mind when selecting an entree Chef Bob has introduced three new combination platters.  We tried the Southwestern Ribeye Steak and it was infused with flavour (but not hot spicy) and certainly delicious!

• Top Sirloin with Atlantic lobster tail - A 6 oz. Sirloin combined with a butter poached 4oz. cold water Atlantic lobster tail;

• Top Sirloin and Alaskan King Crab - A 6 oz. Sirloin combined with 8oz. of steamed pre-cut Alaskan King Crab legs; or

• Southwestern Ribeye Steak - seasoned with southwestern seasoning, glazed with a chipotle chili roasted garlic compound butter and crowned with golden fried Tabasco onions.

Three brand new chicken selections have popped up on the menu, a choice of Mushroom Chicken - Breast of Chicken with exotic mushroom white wine cream; Butter Chicken - Breast of chicken with an Indian inspired flavourful tomato butter curry sauce; and the Peppercorn Chicken - Breast of Chicken with our cognac Madagascar Peppercorn sauce.

For the dedicated sea-foodies I suspect that you’re going to have to visit a few times to eat your way through all of these delicious new options:

• Bronzed Catfish Bronzed Catfish - Seasoned with cajun seasoning , lightly seared, drizzled with our fresh dill chive yogurt sauce and crowned with a black bean, corn cilantro relish;

• Salmon Simply grilled and crowned with a refreshing strawberry and cucumber citrus relish;

• Peppercorn Shrimp Pan roasted shrimp with baby shallot, garlic and a cognac Madagascar peppercorn sauce; or

• Dualing Tails 2 Atlantic Butter Braised Lobster Tails served with drawn butter.

A new addition to the Pasta Menu is the Bowtie Pasta with house made spicy garlic pork sausage, fire roasted red onion, sweet peppers, and spinach in home made tomato basil sauce with extra virgin olive oil.

To finish things off we shared The Chocolate Banana, a banana dipped in melted Swiss Chocolate, rolled in coconut flakes and baked in a loving blanket of phyllo pastry, drizzled with a buttery spiced rum caramel sauce served with whipped cream and a fruit garnish.  This dessert was so delicious that our forks clashed several times while we were vigorously sharing.  Other new additions on the dessert menu are two new cheesecakes, the Chocolate Trio and Little Desirables.

Catch 22 still has many of the favourites that are now in their 6th year on the menu, like the Pan Roasted Shellfish - 4oz. Lobster tail, 2 jumbo sea scallops, 3 black tiger shrimp and 3 Kiwi mussels served over rosti potato with vegetables and flambéed with a cognac cream reduction.

Catch 22 Fresh Market Grill is proud to announce a partnership with the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise TM program in providing ocean-friendly sustainable seafood choices.

To find out more about Catch 22 please visit their website.   




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