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Flow Cookies - YUM (Posted On: Tuesday, May 21, 2013)

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I'm Missy, and I create Flow cookies. It give me great pleasure to offer you my delicious, Raw-unbaked and un-processed, wholefood cookies.  

I have always loved to bake and cook from the time I was a little girl. This little girl ultimately became a pastry chef.  I love great tasting food and have always attempted to turn classic treats, into healthier versions of themselves.  I believe that just because something is healthful, doesn't mean it can't taste great as well.

As a busy mom, I found myself challenged to eat properly (or even enough) at times, running after 2 little ones.  I would often keep energy bars on hand to munch when I was on the go.  Most of the time, I found these to be either too sweet and overly processed, or just plain bland and tasteless.

So I challenged myself to create a delicious, healthy energy bar that I could guiltlessly eat daily.  One that would provide me with the vital nutrients and protein my body craved and required. And with a child that has food sensitivities, I wanted them to be gluten free, so that he could have a healthy, yummy snack.

Thanks to my family and friends, I perfected my recipe, and slowly but steadily gained a following of people wanting to buy my bar.  And because there are already so many energy bars out there, I decided to mold mine into a circle - because everybody knows that cookies are more fun :)
I created Flow cookies for me......but something this good has to be shared.

I hope you enjoy my cookies, as I have enjoyed creating them and you can pick them up at the following locations:

-   Espresso Post  
-   Collingwood Food Co Op
-   Meaford -The Market/Echo Inhibit
-   100 Mile Store-Creemore
-   Buddha Rider   
-   Good Health Mart-Collingwood
-   True Life Yoga-Pamper Me Spa
-   Curries Organic Market

For more information please visit my website.


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