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Fit and Fabulous (Posted On: Monday, September 22, 2008)

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To be or not to be...?  Is that the question?  Well, of course it isn’t!  Everyone wants to be Fit and Fabulous!  The question is... what does it mean, REALLY... to be Fit and Fabulous?  (and how do I get there from here...???).

Well, almost everyone has their own ideas on the subject, of course...including YOU, I trust! (if not, and you need of a few quick tips in this regard, you need look no further than the magazine rack at the checkout counter of your favourite grocery store, next time you’re in... trust me, EVERYONE has an opinion on what being ‘fit and fabulous’ means!).

Now... when you’re clear on your own ideas, I’d like to hear them!  And I’d like to share them with all who join us on this new adventure called Fit & Fabulous!

Welcome! to Fit & Fabulous!

Fit & Fabulous is a brand new (fun!) on-line forum being added to, this month.  Anywhere you see our new Fit & Fabulous logo, you can click on it to join in on our on-going dialogue of ‘discovery’.

This new forum has been created to serve and entertain, challenge and engage and inform YOU... an open conversation wherein we can explore together the many dimensions and (enticing and exciting!) possibilities of being Fit & Fabulous!

Are you ready to participate?

Together, we will laugh and learn, enquire and teach... turn faint possibilities into real probabilities and real probabilities into rock solid realities...

We might have called it Fit & Fabulous & Fun & Fanciful & Fresh & Friendly & Frequent & Free... & Informative & Insightful & Interesting & Intriguing & In Depth & In Touch &... ! (but we didn’t have that much room on the T-Shirt!)

Fit & Fabulous says it all!

As a Registered Nurse, a nutrition advisor and a Cleanse Coach extraordinaire, a sexuality educator and counselling therapist, a Mother, a daughter, a sister and sister-in-law, an aunt to many, a good friend to many (and an especially good friend to one!), not to mention, a passionately active, ‘fit and fabulous’, forty-something woman... I have LOTS of ideas about what being Fit & Fabulous means.

And I’m going to share those ideas with YOU!

I am inviting and will share with you too, the ideas, knowledge, opinions and perspectives of many of Southern Georgian Bay’s better known (and soon to be better known!) innovators and experts and leading professionals in so many areas of health and wellness, fitness and fabulous-ness!

We will explore LOTS of ideas on what it means to be Fit & Fabulous. 

We will explore your ideas of course, but also... your trainer’s, your coach’s, your yoga instructor’s, your spin class leader’s, your massage therapist’s (in fact, your any kind of therapist’s... ), your physio’s, your Family Doctor’s, your Chiropractor’s, your Naturopath’s... your Mom’s, your Dad’s, your daughter’s, your son’s, your teacher’s, your student’s...  your letter carrier’s, your pharmacist’s, your barista’s, your dog groomer’s, your hair stylist’s, your esthetician’s, your lawn care guy’s or girl’s... your husband’s, your wife’s, your...!

Ask a neighbour, ask a friend, ask someone you don’t even know yet!  Let’s find out!

What does it mean to be... Fit & Fabulous???

And what an absolutely beautiful and wonderful part of Southern Ontario to make this enquiry in!  You, the people of Southern Georgian Bay truly ‘raise the bar’ when it comes to active lifestyles.  And why wouldn’t you, with SO many activities to choose from, so close by...! 

Imagine... Summer sailing, winter skiing (summer skiing too, of course...!), and wakeboarding and snowboarding and kite boarding and skateboarding and, and... o.k., winter sailing too... (those kites are fun huh?), walks in the park, walks in the woods, walks on the beach... barefoot or on snowshoes, biking The Georgian Trail, hiking The Escarpment, biking The Escarpment... wading, swimming, paddling... an hour in the gym, and hour on the bike (outside, inside too!), golf, tennis, more golf... Frisbee golf...!
Hockey, baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer... Ultimate!

Antiquing, orienteering, mushrooming, birding... skipping stones at Christie Beach!
Let’s assume being active is a BIG part of being Fit & Fabulous in Southern Georgian Bay! 

What’s YOUR favourite activity?

I want to know!

And what’s your favourite inactivity too? 

Being Fit & Fabulous must call for a bit of rest and relaxation too, every now and then!
Sunsets... the sound of the surf, whispering winds in the woods...?

So much to choose from!
I want to know what the people of Southern Georgian Bay choose.

I want to know what YOU choose!  What do YOU choose to be Fit & Fabulous?  Share with me.  I’ll share with you.

Together we will create Fit & Fabulous!

Being Fit & Fabulous is truly limitless in its dimensions yet, it is at its best when it’s totally simplified. 

To be sure, being Fit & Fabulous begins with Attitude, being able to start your every day with energy, a truly positive mindset... ready to ‘rock and roll’, rested, at peace, ready to take it on... all of it, any and every challenge, totally jazzed, in control (o.k., maybe not completely...!), confident, competent and just plain feeling GREAT about you, about yours, about the life you live!

Did you start your day that way... today?

Not today...?

That’s O.K.!

You can though!  Do!  Give it a go!  Get some attitude! (hey, if you’re going to have some attitude, it might just as well be positive!).
Give it a go!

Being Fit & Fabulous is about Balance too... being human, being real, not perfect, yet perfectly fine with who you are and the choices you make. 

Attitude, Balance... and then there’s Choice and Change... Commitment...
Let’s explore what ALL this means and how YOU can translate your wishes and dreams and heart felt goals... into reality!

To Be Fit & Fabulous!

We’ll talk about the building blocks... healthy whole food choices and healthy wine (yes, wine!) choices... exercise, rest, nutrition, better vitamin and mineral supplements, Nutrition Based Cleansing, aging & anti-aging (!), traditional medicines, modern medicine, complementary medicine...

And, there’s SO much more!

The harmony of health, in mind and body and spirit...How do we bring all this together to best serve YOU... now?

Let’s find out...

And choose!

Being Fit & Fabulous is about life choices after all, not an end result, but a path toward that end result.

Together, we will sort through the confusion, the myths, the nonsense, the hype... to discover what is tried and true and... bottom line... what works... for YOU!

Send me YOUR success stories!

Are you Fit & Fabulous already?  Tell me why. Tell me how!

Do you want to share your story?

(that fifteen minutes of fame...)

Share your ideas, share your discoveries, share your revelations!  Do you know others who are Fit & Fabulous?  Who are they?  Do they want to share their story?

Who is the most Fit & Fabulous person you know (besides yourself, of course)? 

Who wants to become Fit & Fabulous?  Can I help?

Who’s the best coach, the best trainer, best spin class instructor, yoga teacher, strength trainer, speed trainer, physio, massage therapist, chiropractor, naturopath, nutritionist...
(chef, sommelier, caterer, confectioner... chocolatier...)

Get the picture?

Let me know what YOU know... so I can share.

Send your every question and query too.

I will make sure you get GREAT answers (read: solution focused, helpful!) from those who truly know.

We have much to talk about!

Expect to learn.  Expect to have fun! 

Expect to expand.  Expect to grow!

Be open!

Let Fit & Fabulous help YOU to be the very BEST you... EVER!

Be Fit!  Be Fabulous!

Camille Lawson

Visit often.  Invite your friends and family too!

You can reach me directly at:

Please send your ideas and contributions to:

Stay tuned!


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