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Fall Colour Photography (Posted On: Wednesday, October 21, 2009)

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As the temperature begins to plunge and tree leaves transform from graceful green to bright red,orange and yellow, it’s time for one last outdoor photography adventure in order to add to your collection of fall colour scenes.

When you are pointing your camera skyward to capture the entire tree and its leaf colours, make sure you get some of the dark lines of the tree trunk or branches in the picture. This creates good colour contrast.

A good lens to use for capturing the whole tree would be a 17-55 mm at the widest focal length of 17 mm.

Remember, if you are getting some bright sky in your picture, you will have to increase your exposure by one f/stop to prevent your image from being too dark. 

Water droplets on the back of Maple leaves on the ground, make wonderful pictures. To capture those close-up images, you will need to use a macro lens on your camera along with a sturdy tripod. I suggest that you try focusing on the water droplets as they sit on the viens of the leaf. The drops act as a magnifiying glass to increase the apparent size of the leaf viens. A wide depth of field (f/22) would be a good setting for this scene.

For digital cameras in which you can adjust the camera’s white balance, try setting the white balance control to “cloudy” even though you are shooting on a bright day. This will cause your digital images to become slightly “warmer” for a more inviting look to your pictures.

Pond reflections of fall colours make very engaging photographs. Most people tend to photograph the entire scene of trees as well as  the water reflection. Why not try something different. Focus only on the reflection of the colours in the pond. Shooting from this unusual point of view will help you to capture some very interesting images.   

Don’t forget to spend time searching for those wonderful weather-worn buildings found near Creemore and Mulmur. The aged wood on these quaint buildings provides excellent contrast with the colourful leaves nearby.

Before the leaves turn completely and while they are still on the tree, you may be able to see sunlight coming through the translucent tree leaves on a bright sunny day.  A good telephoto shot of the leaf will show the shape of its veins against the sun’s light. Since light will be coming toward you through the leaf, you will need to over expose the picture by one f-stop.

Fall Colour photography is one of the best ways to get some great outdoor exercise while having fun creating exciting new images.

by Bryan Davies 2009


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