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DOIN’ THE “WRIGHT” THING (Posted On: Saturday, July 19, 2008)

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Drew Wright fans were drawing an extra breath Tuesday night as the Canadian Idol contestant from Collingwood had to sweat out the final cut of the results show for the first time since he made the Top 24.

Each week the show identifies the three contestants who received the fewest votes after the Monday night show. From those three contestants one is eliminated.  Tuesday was the first time Drew had been in that group since the fan voting segment of the competition had started.

In fact, he past few weeks Drew had been among the first to learn that he was advancing to the next round.

The one thing fans don’t know when they look at the bottom three standing on the stage is how close the two that survive the cut were to actually being the cut.  The only thing producers announce is how many total votes there were for the week.   Last week for example Drew could have been just a vote or two behind third spot, or he could have just been a vote of two from eliminated.   Thus, all you see is a very dramatic minute while Ben Mulroney announced the results of how Canada voted.

For those at the Drew Crew/Peak Fm Party Tuesday the celebration actually started a little early.   The producers pulled a bit of a prank on the viewers when three contestants were called to center stage, and three were left on the couch.

The couch had been the safety zone for competitors during recent segments; if you stayed on the couch, you stayed on the show.   Tuesday night when Drew was the last contestant to be  told to stay on the couch the crowd erupted. 

What that means is during the cheering at J.D.’s Bar and Grill they missed it when the twist was revealed.  Ben Mulroney told the three standing at center stage they were safe.   Drew, Amberly Thiessen and Earl Stevenson were on the couch, but the bottom three.

The room became quiet very quickly as John Gabriele had to explain that Drew wasn’t safe quite yet.  I think many people were wishing at the time they had a couch to sit on because the news was a bit of a shock.

Drew’s mom came to the “mic” and rallied the troops.   Anne Marie was still confident about what was going to happen, but she also said just in case that she was proud of her son.  She told the fans were great and she would never forget them.  Then just as the show was returning Anne Marie told them not to worry because she was confident her son was moving on and the cheers resumed.

As Ben Mulroney returned to the screen, everyone “Drew” a deep breath.  Someone yelled from the back “Good-bye Earl”, but the rest held their breath.  Seconds later the party was back on because Drew made the Top 5.

The party is about to get bigger.   After the results show John Gabriele announced that Drew would be coming home on August 22nd and there was going to be one “kick-ass” concert on Collingwood’s main street.

The main street will be shut down like it is for the Elvis Festival, and Gabrielle urged everyone to pass the word that Drew was coming home for a free concert.  The hope is that as many as 10,000 people join the party.

More details on the “Welcome Home Drew” event are expected over the next week from Drew Crew chief John at Gabriele’s Photography to find out what’s up.  Considering what Gabriele has done since kicking of the Drew Crew, you can bet it is going to be big.

 The new mantra for this week by the way is “Vote Drew. Vote Often.”   By time Drew arrives back home there will have already been yet another test on the Canadian Idol stage.  Fans across Canada will be choosing the Top 4 contestants early next week.  The votes on Monday of course will be the key to what happens.

Drew fans of course believe that the August 22nd concert in not only a homecoming, but a “Welcome to the Top 4” party.  

And of course don’t forget the pre celebration to the August 22nd party is August 19th as the Drew Crew gathers again at J.d

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