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Digital Post-Impressionist (Posted On: Monday, April 22, 2013)

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Collingwood's New Age Digital Post-Impressionist, Andrew Peycha, has always maintained a close relationship with nature as well as a unique and special interest in the shifting plays of various natural patterns in the environment.

Andrew's work has been about exploring and expressing recurring patterns in a myriad of different ways.  More recently, this search has taken a more abstract and less 'representational' direction which focuses on the idea of motion.

"I take an image and break it down to a grid like system by placing colours side by side to create the illusion of depth and shape. I have gravitated towards tree scenes and general landscapes; basically, I have given myself restrictions of the grid system to create a forest scene or a Georgian Bay scene," says Peycha.  Lately, Peycha has started to dabble in portraits.

Andrew's approach while he is painting begins with a photo.  It's also important to note, if not integral, that Peycha paints his work upside down!  "I draw a sketch from the photo and usually just base my work off of the sketch while also taking a peek at the photo to ensure the period of the life of the creation as I paint," says Andrew.
Peycha attended school for Editorial Illustration at Sheridan College.  He developed his own style early in which he adhered to and developed over time.  His style can be describes as Modern, Post-Impressionism.  Like the Impressionists, Peycha uses thick oil paints, intense colours, geometric forms and distortion of forms to create his expressive style.  Peycha also tries his hand at watercolour from time to time.

Peycha's influences are vast, from the infamous Group of Seven to less known artists such as: Francis Bacon, Gerhard Richter, Joan Miso and Lucian Freud.  Peycha's contemporary style of painting reaches back in history but also into the digital age through using his grid like system in which he draws from the natural environment.  "I draw inspiration from the beauty of nature and then I assemble fragments of colour to create vibrant landscapes. Having a background as a graphic illustrator is evident in the composition of my work, which draws the eye to horizontal and vertical patterns not readily apparent in nature. The sense of motion created by these patterns is an integral component of my work," says Peycha.
Peycha's current body of work encompasses the re-organization of nature into vertical and horizontal grids structures which he uses to play with space, pattern, colour and form.  "I enjoy painting trees because I am surrounded by them," says Peycha.
This particular style that he has developed with his still paintings can also be described as if you were driving past a landscape forming the idea of motion.  A sense of vibrancy is thus created with this modern, expressionistic style and his use of vivid, bright colours.
"The effect is similar to a kaleidoscope or stained glass window, which fragments an image and reassembles it in a new way.  It allows me to reconsider something as familiar as the landscape and emphasize it patterns: the dance of geometry against organic forms, the distinction between depth and distance and the movement created by the placement of colour.  My desire is to create an illusion of depth and vibration throughout the image and to capture some of the feeling the landscapes gives to me," explains Peycha.

Peycha believes in putting restrictions on his art and pushing his limits!  "Hopefully my artwork will always be different... to be continued," says Peycha.  You can find Peycha's artwork at the Abbozzo Gallery in Oakville, Peaks and Rafters in Toronto, and the TL Norris Gallery in the U.S. Visit his website to view his remarkable work or check out his blog.


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