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Destress with Reiki (Posted On: Friday, December 05, 2014)

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How often do you stop and take the time to do something nice for yourself?  I'm betting a lot of us (especially women) are more often than not making sure everybody else is doing alright and taken care of. You don't want to be selfish and treat yourself. Am I right?  No one wants to be sick or get run down, but especially not this time of year.  Too often we do so much for others that we forget to STOP and check in with ourselves.  It's not selfish; in fact it's the most self-LESS thing to do.  If we aren't in optimal health, how can we help others?

Why not try Reiki?  What is it?  It's a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the client by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

So let me help you unwind, relax, calm the worried thoughts in your head and get your body back into balance.  Choose the De stress package that speaks to you and enjoy the discounts this month. (Dec 1-Jan.10)

Put the Joy back into your Holiday Season!

Relax and unwind with a whole body Healing Experience with Reiki & Reflexology at Taylor Wellness & Chiropractic

* Alleviates your stress

* Releases endorphins

* Detoxifies your body naturally

* Clears your mind chatter

* Boosts your immune system

* Gives you extra energy to handle all the Festivities!

I'm offering healing packages from Dec 1-Jan 10 at 23 St. Marie St, Collingwood


* Two (2) Reiki sessions (75min each) which includes Crystal Therapy & an Intuitive Card Reading $125 (reg. $140)



* One (1) Reiki healing (includes Crystal Therapy & Intuitive Card Reading)  and One (1) Reflexology treatment (includes a foot spa soak) treatment (75min each) $125 (reg. $140)

Shopping Break!

30 minute Reiki healing $30 (reg. $45)

Healing with Dawn

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