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Container Gardening is here Now! (Posted On: Tuesday, March 18, 2008)

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You may think it’s too early to be thinking about container gardening for your home.  Wrong!  We’ve uncovered this amazing service from Maxwell Garden Centre. 

The concept is easy.  Simply bring your containers to Maxwell Garden Centre…the sooner, the better… and select the types and colours of plants that you want.  Maxwell Garden Centre will plant your container garden and nurture your new plants while they start to grow in a cozy, warm greenhouse.

Your container gardens, hanging baskets and entranceway urns…all custom designed by you…develop and mature under watchful and attentive eyes where they remain until you are ready to pick them up and weather conditions are suitable.  

The benefits are huge! 

· You can custom design your planters to match your home décor.

· You don’t have to transfer or re-plant seedlings…perfect for the un-green thumb gardener or the lady of the house that can’t stand dirt under fingernails.

· This is a perfect service for the fair weather weekender who uses their chalet in the winter and in the summer, but rarely visits in the shoulder season.

· Maximize your investment and re-use your containers that you fondly chose and paid for last season.

· Maybe you’re planning an extensive holiday this spring and would like to arrive home to a gardening solution that’s already been planned and designed by you…and presto, your plant babysitter is just waiting for you to pick up your little darlings that will grace and enhance your home.

· Perhaps you’ve been tasked with helping out an elderly relative that no longer is able to tend for their own garden, but loves plants and flowers.  You want to help them with this special project but don’t have time to do it all yourself.

· Plan ahead for a summer wedding.

With our long winters, why not start early and enjoy your flowers for as long as you can.

For more information about Maxwell’s Garden Centre visit their website.


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