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Collingwood Cooking Academy (Posted On: Sunday, March 20, 2011)

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The Collingwood Cooking Academy run by Chef Philip Tarlo is a culinary experience that is tremendously fun, inspiring and gives you confidence.  After attending 4 different classes I feel completely empowered to make things that I would never have tried to make before and the results are fantastic if I do say so myself.

Each class runs about 2 ½ hours and the amount of knowledge transfer that goes on in a session would give any TV cooking show a run for the money.  Not only that, you’re encouraged to arrive hungry or bring take away containers with you to take home your culinary masterpieces.

Dan and I have learned all about Beef in Beef 101, made Beef Wellington and Yorkshire Puddings from scratch.  In the Pasta class we made Risotto, Ravioli and pasta and even gnocchi.

The two part Mediterranean cooking class was just incredible.  Before this class, I was not a hummus fan.  On my next trip to the grocery store sure enough there were chick peas in my cart.  The salmon wrapped in basil and cucumber cooked in the oven with some butter and white wine is simply divine and Dan is extremely proud of the Baklava that he made.

The things I’ve mentioned above only scratch the surface.  All of the photos in this article were taken during classes.

Here are just some of the things my fellow culinary students are saying:

“Brilliant because I made chicken last week at home and it tasted better than a restaurant meal that would have cost at least $60 for two people – I think my wife was so proud – she teared up.” - Dr. James McCrimmon

“I found that I love to cook and learned tricks of the trade that made it easier to achieve success at home.” – Angela Vessie

“Fun and productive and a pleasure to work next to a trained chef.” – Dennis Taylor

“This has been a real experience and very enjoyable – I made Baklava!” – Dan Plouffe

“Having fun, excited about the information I’m learning and I feel like I’m part of a real life cooking network.  I’d like to come here every week forever.” – Laurie Chesney

“Philip has brought back the fun into cooking and the preparation of food.  He has helped to reinforce some things that I knew and has taught me a lot of new tricks – I made a hollandaise sauce and it turned out beautifully – I was shocked.”  Sarah May

If you would like more information, visit their website for class schedules and pricing.


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