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COLLINGWOOD MINIATURES (Posted On: Friday, December 14, 2012)

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What better memento of a town's iconic architecture than a miniature version - to go? At least that's what the Collingwood Branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario anticipates will be the allure of their fund-raising venture this year - both for themselves and for a valuable social service organization.
During a recent trip to the east coast, one of the Board members discovered a unique souvenir collection of tiny replicas from a coastal farm community - barns, houses, lighthouses and more. The Board members immediately recognized an opportunity to produce a similar package containing a set of Collingwood's most iconic buildings and structures. The miniatures would be packaged for sale, as a fundraiser for the organization.

The vision may have been simple but finding a producer was complicated. The models that the Board had chosen to represent were precise, and the wood work would be delicate and detailed. The painting would need to be done entirely by hand. No manufacturer could be found locally… Until the Board were put in touch with the Woodworking Shop of Community Living Meaford. The Woodworking Shop has been in operation for more than 25 years, providing gainful employment for Community Living individuals and producing a variety of custom manufactured wood products for retail, commercial, municipal and County uses.

Community Living Meaford have produced packages of eight models of the Town's most celebrated buildings –The Terminals, Town Hall, The Museum, The Tremont Hotel, St. Mary's Church, The Lighthouse, a classic Regency-style house, and as a special tribute to the Town's heritage, a model of a CSL-built lake freighter. The detail and handiwork involved in the completion of these models is truly remarkable

The models are packaged in a cotton bag - also produced by Community Living and screened locally by Copies and More.

These little packages of history are available at Clerkson's in Downtown Collingwood and at the Trimmings Open House at The Tremont Hotel on December 22, or by contacting the Collingwood Branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario at

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