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Buy A Brick (Posted On: Tuesday, November 25, 2008)

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This article is being posted along with a sincere request for your assistance. My name is Stu and I am a member of the Fundraising Committee for the New Animal Rescue Center. I can confirm for you that I have been thoroughly impressed with the character and the unbridled enthusiasm of those long time volunteers who have, by way of their quiet and unheralded efforts, managed to raise approximately $650,000.00 to construct our regions first state of the art Animal Rescue Center. For those who have yet to have an opportunity to see the new building I can offer my assurance that you will be thoroughly impressed.

We are working on raising the final $400,000.00 required to complete the building itself so as we may open the doors to the great number this region's animals needing rescue and care throughout the year.

This is where you come in as a resident and/or a visitor to this wonderful region that we all know and love.
I am asking that you take a few moments and read the material found below. 
I wish to table a challenge to you all. As the festive season fast approaches most of us plan to attend at least a couple of Christmas Party's and also New Year's events. I challenge those of you who are planning a party or two to perhaps set up a donation box to raise funds for this most worthwhile cause. I, myself, am planning one for my lifelong friends on Saturday, December 6th, and you can count on a donation table being available. In fact I noted my plan right in the invitation itself.

We often have office parties where gag gifts for our co-workers are the order of the day. I might suggest that, instead of spending money on the gag gift why not be the leader in your office or Company and suggest that this year, your co-workers and you, set up a small donation table at the Christmas Party. Call me if you need any materials for the donation table itself. You can even challenge the competition in your industry for example to see who can raise the most money for the new Animal Rescue Center. Perhaps all you people in Real Estate within the Georgian Triangle could be the trendsetters !
Many of us owe a lot to this community in terms of thanks. This campaign to raise the last $400,000.00 needed to complete the new Georgian Bay Animal Rescue Center is in full swing now and during this season of giving it is a perfect time to stop and can I help those in my community this Christmas season ?
Making a healthy donation to help complete the final stage of the NEW Georgian Bay Animal Rescue Center is as rewarding as it gets. 

Turning the dream into reality.  Your financial support is needed now to complete the first animal shelter within the Georgian Triangle.  The Collingwood & District Humane Society, had the vision and dream of building an animal shelter for the area's many lost, abandoned, unwanted, neglected, homeless animals found on streets, highways, backyards, vacated houses and apartments.  That vision is now carried out by many committed unpaid volunteers who joined them in rescuing these homeless animals.

Recently renamed 'Georgian Bay Animal Rescue' to more accurately reflect the large area served, this registered charitable organization with its dedicated unpaid volunteers was able to raise over $600,000 to cover the cost of Phase I of the new shelter building. The shovels broke ground on January 8, 2008, on land leased from the Town of Collingwood, on Tenth Line, off Mountain Road, Collingwood. That phase was recently successfully completed, and now fundraising is underway to complete the Building Campaign. This shelter will be a place for animals to heal and get a second chance at life in a loving forever home. It will be a 'NO KILL' facility where animals will receive compassionate care, medical treatment, spay/neutering, and socialization in preparation for adoption. GBAR believes it is the right approach to animal care. 

Kindness to animals builds a better world and community for us all.

Caring for society's needy, homeless animals is a community responsibility. Your contribution to building a permanent animal shelter in the Georgian Triangle helps to build civic pride in all aspects of community life, and makes our towns, villages and neighbourhoods better places to live, work and play. Teaching members of our society, particularly its youth, about animal welfare and respecting others (human and animal), promotes the establishment of strong moral and civic values. Caring for our animals in a humane way makes us all feel proud of where we live.

NOW is the time for all caring individuals to come forward with their financial support for the completion of the first purpose-built animal shelter within the Georgian Triangle. What a wonderful legacy for this area to be proud of: that it has acknowledged the need and helped bring to fruition the reality of a home for all those sadly neglected animals, that through no fault of their own, have found themselves unwanted, unloved, uncared for, and without shelter from the elements.

Support is needed from all the communities served by GBAR: Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Stayner, Creemore, Clearview Township, Town of Blue Mountains, Thornbury, Clarksburg, Meaford, and surrounding areas.

Can the good people who reside in this much-blessed region come together to complete the shelter building? The answer has to be a resounding 'YES', for the sake of the animals. Only $400,000 is needed to get the shelter up and running, providing care for animals left homeless and alone. Please do not let these animals down. They are counting on your generous, caring heart to get them into their much-needed home.

Donations of any amount are most welcome, and can be mailed to: GBAR, P.O. Box 492, Collingwood, ON L9Y 4B2; or go on-line at Animal Rescue to donate with a credit card. People can also contribute through the 'Buy a Brick, Lend a Paw' Campaign: $100 buys a 'brick', with a commemorative plaque. However people choose to participate, every penny will be used for the sole purpose of completing the shelter building. The work of GBAR is possible only because of your generous on-going support. Please help GBAR reach its goal of providing a home for the needy animals of the Georgian Triangle.

For information on animals awaiting adoption, please go to: pet finder.  For further information or to volunteer your time for fundraising, call (705) 445-5204 and leave a message. Deb Keep, Chair Shelter Fund Raising Committee.

PLEASE HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN........for the animals and for our community.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration and happy holidays.


Stuart Frith
Operator and General Manager
The Blue Mountain Lodge
209861 Hwy. 26. W.
Town of The Blue Mountains, ON.

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