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Bay Blue Ceramics (Posted On: Saturday, April 08, 2017)

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Bay Blue is a handmade Ceramic and Concrete shop located in Collingwood Ontario. Bay Blue is a small business created by Aysia Garbe, a local to Blue Mountain and an aspiring entrepreneur. Aysia is inspired by the shores of Georgian Bay and the hills of Blue Mountain. Her pottery is influenced by the water, the hills and the different seasons.

Bay Blue is about taking the everyday cup or mug, and turning it into a piece of art that you can use! A new cup or mug that makes drinking coffee or tea exciting and different. Every new stock update comes with new, one of a kind pieces of functional artwork. Such as mugs, dishes fused with glass, cups, bowls and more. Concrete is another medium Aysia likes to use. She uses geometric shapes and creates white and grey concrete planters that make great homes for succulents and cacti.

Bay Blue is an outlet for Aysia to help make a difference through her art work. Bay Blue is coming out with a new line of square dishes called "subtle squares". These dishes will have different images and colours that all depict a certain global or community issue. A portion of the money raised from the "subtle squares" will go towards helping the different global and community problems. Such as raising money to help rebuild the lighthouse, raising money for the Collingwood hospital or donating money to help clean and rid the ocean of plastic. The point of this project is to help make a subtle difference, and encourage others to try and make a positive difference as well. The "subtle squares" will be available for purchase in June, for more information or to receive updates on the project, subscribe to Bay Blue's newsletters by clicking here.

Bay Blue likes to work with local shops and artists. Therefore, you can purchase Bay Blue pieces from many stores in the Collingwood area, such as The Painterie, Farm to Table and The Georgian Artisan Shop. Bay blue also does custom orders and is always interested in being featured in new shops and restaurants. For more information on the artist and Bay Blue, please visit her website or you can email Aysia.  


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