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Single Property Websites – An Innovative Marketing Tool.  You may have noticed those little sign riders (displaying a website address matching the property address) swinging in the breeze at the bottom of For Sale signs these days. If you’re in the market for a home or if you’re the curious type, you may have even entered one of these URLs in your browser and found a detail-rich website dedicated to a single property.

If you fall into neither category and are unfamiliar with the initiative, there are plenty of homes in the area that are being ‘showcased’ through single property websites. The home belonging to Julie Card of fame is one such property. To get a feel for the concept, check out:

The idea is simple. You make the website address (domain name) the same as the property address. Buyers driving by will easily remember the website address when they access their computers. Or, they can whip out their mobiles and view the website from the car. Within minutes, buyers get enough information to decide if this is a property worth considering, contact the agent, and arrange a showing.

But what is most refreshing about the single property website is the value received for a minimal investment. For less than the price of typical monthly hosting plans you can get a full-featured website, hosted for an entire year, registered with an easy-to-remember domain name. The end result, a professionally designed website dedicated to your property or listing – giving you increased exposure to your target audience.

In this competitive market of home selling, real estate professionals, property managers, and homeowners are increasingly turning to the Internet for innovative ways to market a property. And, many are determining that single property websites will give them a decided edge.

However, simply having a single property website for a property won’t instantly increase your exposure or sell the property. The critical thing to remember with any initiative – and single property websites are no different – is that the onus is on you to market the service effectively. But, how? To maximize the impact of your single property websites and more importantly, effectively market them, deploy these strategies:

Tips for Maximizing Your Single Property Website:

Photo Resolution: Get the most out of your images. Take your photos at an 800X600 resolution, or higher. Take many photos. The more images a potential buyer or renter can see the better they can envision themselves in the space or spot potential.

Accurate Mapping: Be sure that the address details you provide for the property are 100% accurate to ensure the location displays correctly on the map.

Details, Details: The more details you provide the better. Your potential buyer or renter will want to know everything, so don’t be afraid to go into a lot of detail. Informed buyers and renters translate into less ‘dead end’ showings.

Print the Feature Sheet: Many services generate a printer-friendly PDF feature sheet for your property that you can print and have on hand for open houses and showings. This is a valuable ‘take-away’ the potential buyers will appreciate – and, it provides them with all your contact details and link to the website.

Integrate Technology: When you create a single property website you can also integrate virtual tours, show videos, and links to community resources and points of interest. Starting with the single property website, you can employ a full range of multimedia tools to convey the appeal of your listing and the strength of your services.

Be Visible and Available: Ensure that you provide pertinent contact information for potential buyers and renters to reach you, book appointments, and get more details. Ensure the information is accurate and make a point of checking messages and responding promptly to inquiries and requests.

Don’t worry about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for single property sites: It’s just not a realistic means of measuring their effectiveness. Search engine submissions take months and additionally, these sites are meant to be targeted and specific. Instead, think of them as an open house without the open house.

Effectively Marketing Single Property Websites:

• Replace your personal website link on the MLS listing with the link to the listing website – give buyers one-click access to the information they want – THE LISTING!

• Re-think your personal website and position your single property sites as the gateway to your site. The listing is what buyers are looking for anyway, so give them what they want first, then position yourself as the one to call.

• Get your single property websites onto your personal site as your feature listings to provide additional exposure to the listing and your seller, which will translate into more exposure for you!

• Cut down the word count for your print (newspaper) ads – add the property site URL and get people going to the site for details.

• Add the property site URL to all your direct marketing material – could be as simple as adding a sticker with the URL to the back of your business cards.

• Use your social networking accounts (Facebook, etc.) to drive traffic to your listing sites and send the website URL through these avenues. Single property websites are integrated with one-click access to the most popular social networking tools. Additionally, use Facebook to keep your buyers and sellers informed and get up-to-the-minute information out to them.

• Get Your Site Out There: Add the property (and link to your website) to online classifieds like Kijiji and Craigsllist (some single property website services provide simple code to integrate your ad in Craigslist). Look for other local directories in which you can advertise for free and post the website address.

• Make sure your sign riders prominently display the URL for the property website. Get your For Sale signs up! If you already have a sign, make sure you order sign riders to attach your website address to the For Sale sign. Why create a website if no one can find it? Sign riders are a cheap, yet very effective way of advertising the site. Many people find the homes they like driving through their desired neighbourhoods. Then, they go home to search MLS for the property. Avoid the MLS step, give them the website URL and you’ve got them!

• Link to Your Personal Website. Don’t be afraid to market yourself while you market your client’s property. Make yourself available to buyers and sellers alike. 

Want more tips for using the Internet to market real estate? Visit my blog for additional articles and other online marketing tips.

Article provided by Darla Kennington, Agent Online Canada.

Darla Kennington
The Pro-Motion Group
74 Hurontario St. Suite 212
Collingwood, ON  L9Y 2L8


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